Guest Submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to The Already and The Not Yet. The content of the site is aimed at pastors and church leaders who desire theological/intellectual conversation regarding theology, life, and leadership issues. The site is not merely practical but throughly theological in nature. We seek articles from Pastor-Theologians written to Pastor-Theologians.

Steps to Submit:

The author must subscribe to one of the following confessions: The Baptist Faith and Message 2000, Westminster Confession of Faith, 1689 Confession of Faith, 1833 Baptist Confession, and the historical Creeds of the Church.

The author must be an inerrantist and theological conservative. 

The article submitted must fall under one of the following categories: Theology, Exegesis, Culture, Social Issues, Church, Leadership. 

The audience focus is pastors, church leadership, and those desiring to growth deeper in their theological pursuit.

Feel free to pitch your article idea below and one of our editors will follow up with you.