Vision: Pastoring a local church is a theological vocation requiring theological reflection between the already and the not yet.

Purpose: We strive to thinking theologically between the already and the not yet. The Already and The Not Yet is a site dedicated to conversations on pastoring from an academic and theological perspective. As pastors we’ve been charged with a theological vocation and are called to be Pastor-Theologians. Therefore, we aim to have theological conversations regarding all of life and ministry under the Lordship of Christ. We experience a tension – a push and a pull – of time and eternity in our daily lives. As we seek to navigate the rough terrain of life, embracing the already of God’s kingdom, we do so anticipating the not yet of New Creation. As a result as leaders and pastors we must think theologically through the various issues we face as His under shepherds.

Why this site: We are not experts, rather, we are practitioners seeking to fulfill the vision of pastor theologian. Our content might be similar to what you’d find on other websites and we rejoice in that! However, we are aiming to write as a cohort of pastors within the tension of the already and the not yet.

What to expect: resources, content, and conversations on a range of topics from a pastor theologian perspective. Topics will range from theology to ethics and from family to politics.